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LibreOffice Stable 5

Libreoffice – is a versatile professional office suite for performance management and control for your PC.

In the same style as the other sets of products with the open source software, Libreoffice provides a complete set of office management tool, perhaps compared to the most common Microsoft Office. DirectX End User Runtime Web Installer 64/32 Bit Download
Libreoffice provides six different office management tools to meet your project management needs: a text document, spreadsheets, presentation,Drawing, database and formula.

TextDokumentvidnosnoSynonimom MicrosoftWord, where spreadsheets like Excel. Presentation reflects Microsoft’s Powerpoint and database like Access. Then you also have two additional programs in drawing and formulas an added bonus for the entire package. Libreoffice is compatible with Microsoft Office document formats, and supports the original PDF files. It also has its own document format called “Open Document”.

Unfortunately, ifYou are not familiar with the products of Microsoft Office, tseProhrama take it a little more time to get used to it,especially if you want to learn some of its advanced features. Regular users of Microsoft Office find libreoffice interface is very similar, but they have to pick as different programs to use without great difficulty.

Large alternative Microsoft Office, Libreoffice -pilot attempt to manage various bureaus.